A Brewpub in Langdon

a neighborhood bar


Welcome to The Public Option

We offer tasty food and drink at a reasonable price. We want our fare to be generally healthy and low impact. And we want the dining environment to be pleasant. We hope that our patrons will engage us (and each other, maybe) in conversation. And we hope that our community will find good ways to use our space.

Beyond the basics of a good dining experience, we hope to use The Public Option to explore what a small business in 21st century America can be. We believe that there is a tension between share-holder and stake-holder capitalism, and we'd like to explore it.  

During the warmer weather, we are generally open on the weekend afternoons and evenings.  We do make some seasonal changes in our hours, and we occasionally open or close for a special event. So please check back here for the current week's schedule and beer list.





1601 Rhode Island Ave. NE
Washington, DC, 20018


Subject to change seasonally and for events; always check back!

M-T Closed
F 4p–10p
Sa 12p-10p
Su 12p–8p

Tipping at The Public Option

The Public Option pays a starting wage of $15/hour and provides full-time (40 hours/week) work.  We will ask customers not to leave tips as our prices provide for living wages for all employees.  If a customer leaves a tip, it will be added to a fund which will be donated to a local non-profit to be decided on by the staff. 

Read more about our philosophy on tipping.